Words from the wise (heard at a Director Workshop where subject matter experts shared their throughts on governance):

Directors are extremely reliant on the honesty of their CEO. Choose him or her wisely. This is the most important job of the board.
Don Brash - Former Governor of the Reserve Bank of NZ

Good news is written succinctly. Bad news is wordsmithed.
Prof Jens Mueller - Waikato Management School

If executives are continually involved in board meetings there is a “Death Star” gravitational pull to operational matters.
Sandy Maier - Professional Director

Your directors should not be friends, their friends or accountants and lawyers (too risk focussed). Your board should reflect your customers.
Don Jaine - Partner at Seqel Partners

Set aside blue skies thinking time at board meetings at least once a quarter.
Prof Gregor Coster - Chairman CMDHB

Beware of joining a board with ‘founder’s disease’. Protective and passionate, it’s their baby and only they know what is best for it.
Greg Cross - Chairman at Icehouse

Sustainability, to be truly successful, requires authenticity. Consumers see through ‘greenwash’.
Phil O’Reilly - CEO Business NZ

New Zealand needs less financial regulation and more financial literacy. Education is key.
Bruce Sheppard - Chair of NZ Shareholders Assn

Now is the time to re-read your loan and OD banking covenants. Ask your bank where you are in their risk chain.
Sam Shuttleworth - Partner at PWC

As a shareholder remember 75% is key. Parting with more than 25% equity means you have lost effective control of your company.
Shelly Cave - Partner at Simpson Grierson

Good Governance is based on:

  • Passion for Performance
  • Ethical Behaviour
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency
  • Respect

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