Our Assessment tool has been designed to systematically measure perceptions, policies and procedures with the objective to identify areas of risk a board may be facing while ensuring practices and processes work in a structured and transparent manner. 

Valeo International Limited offer a number of assessment tools – ranging from the Complete Package to areas of special interest.

The Complete Package provides you with a 360 degree assessment of various aspects of governance.   A board self-assessment, based on the concept that a board of directors should periodically assess and reflect on its performance in carrying out key board responsibilities is stage one.  This package has been designed to encourage members of the board to reflect on the collective contribution made by the board members, and the strengths and weaknesses of the current processes. These are then rated each against accepted and sound practice. 

The overall ratings can also compared with the ratings arrived at from other review processes. In this way the board gains an appreciation of what other interested parties perceive how the board is functioning.  The overall rating and/or activity ratings from the various components in each subset can also be compared with industry ratings allowing boards to know how effective their practices and policies are within that industry.

The information provided in the report gives a catalyst for board discussion and a means to further improve the performance of the governance team.   It is an effective process for aligning expectations, developing standards and procedures, builds a team spirit and encouraging an open and trusting environment with transparency and accountability being vital elements.    

Alternatively you can select to have a module that assesses:

  • Self-assessment of the Board
    Board self-assessment allows the Board to reflect on its performance in carrying out its obligations and to consider how those obligations are carried out.  It has not been designed as a report card or a way to identify any board member who is not performing.   Properly conducted our self assessment offers both tangible and intangible value to the participating board, the organisations chief executive and the senior management team – in other words the total governance team.   The outcome is beneficial to the organisation as a whole and ultimately to the people with an interest in the organisation.
  • The Chair – Chief Executive Review
    The success or failure of a Board is often linked to the strength of the chair and Chief Executive Officer’s relationship.    This module has been designed to assess the complementarities of that relationship.  The questionnaire is substantially drawn from acknowledged ‘best practice principles’.  Once completed you will quickly appreciate the way this relationship works. When this relationship is functioning well it enhances both the culture of the board and the decision-making climate.
  • The Competencies and Abilities in the Boardroom
    For many years emphasis has been placed on securing high profile directors.   However, high profile directors may not display the same behavourial characteristics when working with directors on another board if the competencies and abilities around the table are not inducive to good decision-making.  Valeo International Limited’s competency mapping tool allows Boards to evaluate the abilities around the board table and consider the collective strength in line with the organization’s long-term strategic objectives.  This tool is of great value especially when selecting a new board member, increasing the chance that the right person is appointed.
  • Board – Management Review
    Management brings most of the information needed to the board table.  Its ability to serve the Board is often overlooked.  Valeo International Limited advocates that a review in this area ensures the top teams at the apex of the organisation are working in unison with the Board for the betterment of the whole organisation.
  • Board – Chair Review
    The way the Board works is usually an outcome of how the Chair facilitates the board meetings, evaluates individual performance and how he or she manages the major shareholders\stakeholders.   High performing chairmanship does not always imply all board members are also high performing or making a solid contribution to the decision-making process.  An independently carried out assessment allows directors to evaluate the performance of the chair and fellow Board members openly and honestly knowing that their comments and assessment will be delivered as a collective, not individual, report.

Although this methodology employed can be applied to governance teams of both large and small organisations the cost of the assessment will depend on the organisation’s size and complexity. 

Once any of the modules are completed your governance practices and policies can be compared with other organizations within our database by either:

  • Number of employees,
  • Industry sector the organisation works in
  • Number of shareholders
  • Size of the board
  • Revenue generated
  • Country.

So why should your Board be assessed?

Assessments provide board members with an opportunity to:

  • Reflects on their responsibilities
  • Identifies different perceptions and opinions among board members, management, shareholders and stakeholders.
  • Points to areas that need attention
  • Provides the Board with a springboard for board improvement
  • Increases the level of team work and builds a climate based on trust
  • Demonstrates that accountability and transparency are serious values
  • Provides credibility and reassurance with funders and other external audiences
  • Is confidential and reports only collective findings

Key Benefits your Board will enjoy:

  • Credibility with various Stakeholders
    Independently assesses your governance policies and practices
  • Receive vital feedback
    Compares Board perception with that of its various Stakeholders
  • An easy and quick way to review progress
    Its accessible framework makes it simply for many parties to participate
  • Measures, comparisons and rating of Performances and Perceptions
    Its benchmarking tool opens up areas for improvement
  • A focus on Risk management
    The risk assessment tool assists a Board to carry out one of its key obligations – to protect the shareholder from unnecessary risk taking.
  • The outcomes from a Flexible Business tool
    Modular or Master Assessment tools are cost effective.
  • Knowing areas where improvement will enhance Board performance
    A comprehensive method for focusing and invigorating board activities.