Providing out clients with reliable and helpful information is the essence of our commercial proposition. Collectively our repertoire of knowledge is at the forefront of the changing world of Governance.

Each year, the financial health of many businesses worldwide is subjected to an independent audit. This practice ensures the organisation is able to meet its financial obligations.

Unlike financial obligations the responsibilities and accountabilities bestowed on boards
have yet to be independently assessed
or audited, although shareholders and stakeholders have for many years
been asking for reassurance that board
performance is based on sound process.

In advocating good Governance process, we
at Valeo International Limited acknowledge
the effective separation of management
and execution of the relationships,
duties, obligations and accountabilities
that constitute an entity's existence.
However we go further. By acknowledging
management's input into the decision-
making process we advocate that a strong
board-management relationship lies at the
heart of good Governance - one based on
chemistry, character and culture and built
on trust.

We believe it is through these key
attributes that an entity is best able to
fulfill its fundamental purpose.

Understanding Governance demands not
only knowledge of board obligations, but
the practical application of these in order to
ensure sound practices and processes are
put into place. In addition, it is important
to continually research the many facets of
Governance that can bring improvement.

Effectiveness brings with it a number of key attributes:

  • The composite of the individual expertise and experience possessed by board members.
  • The energy and enthusiasm board members bring to the table.
  • The efficiency of the decision-making process, and
  • The degree of excellence a board chair wishes his/her board to reach.

Boards differ in purpose, form and structure.
Valeo International Limited works with all boards: Commercial, Not-for-Profit, Local and