Hallelujah. By Bev Edlin. Uploaded 8 May 2010.

Many shareholders of Nuplex Industries Limited and the fallen Lombard Finance and Investment Limited may have yelled ‘Hallelujah’ late last month even though their bank balances had either suffered or could suffer from the action of a few of the companies directors. .... Read the full article here.


Effectiveness is not easy to achieve. By Bev Edlin. Uploaded 4 February 2010

Boards and Trusts can quickly find themselves working to a set pattern: reviewing past minutes, considering papers put forward from management and overseeing organisational performance. Such routine performance suggests that more attention could be directed to lifting the Board’s effectiveness. But is not an easy task. It takes time and it means standing back and looking from the outside in. .... Read the full article here.


Transparency – the Cinderella of governance. Article by Bev Edlin. Uploaded 29 January 2010.

Accountability, transparency and independence are the three key cornerstones of sound governance. Acting for shareholder or owners, considering stakeholders as well as the various matters relating to financial transactions fall under the principle of accountability as do other actions such as being prepared for a meeting, creating a register of interest and dealing with conflict of interests. .... Read the full article here.


Improving Efficiency - the way to fight the recession. By Bev Edlin and Nick Dangerfield

As attention turns towards the worsening international and domestic economies many businesses must be asking how they will survive. The recessionary conditions are telling us that Boards ..... Read the full article here.


Independence - the secret weapon for improving a Board's profile.

Accountability, transparency and independence continue to emerge as the key principles for evaluating good governance.  Yet these building blocks do not always ensure that organisations are operating effectively and efficiently. The question remains; why is this so? .... Read the full article here.









Who will guard the guards? By Bev Edlin. Uploaded 17 February 2010.

Who is watching over boards as boards watch over management? Of course in theory Boards are accountable to the shareholders/stakeholders but how can they get assurance that people they have appointed as their guardians are doing a good job? .... Read the full article here.


Collective or Super Governance. By Bev Edlin. Uploaded 29 January 2010.

The emergence of initiatives such as the Integrated Family Health Centre and the new Auckland Governance structure have the potential to achieve efficiencies within the organisations as well as to bring improved services to the constituents they serve. The devolving and reshaping of the current structure will take time .... Read the full article here.


360 organisational vision in the Boardroom. By Bev Edlin. Uploaded 11 January 2010.

The alleged fraud of $600,000 from the IHC fundraising activities, as reported in the Sunday Star Times on 10 January 2010, emits a strong signal to board directors and trustees. .... Read the full article here.


Never have so few done so much damage to so many. By Bev Edlin. Uploaded 8 Janaury 2010.

You know what it’s like catching up with friends over Christmas and sharing thoughts about the world around us. Just last week as five of us enjoyed each others’ company ‘the plight of the shareholders’ emerged yet again. .... Read the full article here.


Improving Governance and Organisation's Performance Reporting in New Zealand Entities: Discussion paper prepared for Ministers of the Crown. By Bev Edlin and Nick Dangerfield

The Auditor-General’s paper – “The Auditor-General’s observations on the quality of performance reporting”, published in June 2008, draws attention to having a sound framework for performance reporting.  Read the full article here.


Corporate Governance: Determinants of Effective Decision Making. Submitted to Academy of Management 15 January 2007.
Presented August 2007

Corporate boards continue to fail and as a consequence a plethora of legislation and best practice have been put in place in an attempt to halt ineffective forms of governance.  Identifying characteristics of boardroom decision-making as being either independent process or behaviour variables provides a fresh insight into what determines effective governance. ... Read the full article here.